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Education become a subject of movement in our Country. Many efforts were done by high society to desire the education for downtroden people. Education is a only way which can upliftment of the backward people.

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule fought against social economic religion, cultural and educational system. He devoted his whole life for human freedom & equality. He said that truth is a religion, universal familism and morality is the base of his philosophy. Our society is encouraged by the thoughts of Mahatma Phule. In our state the tradition of social worker inspired by the education and achieved valuable thought of education and Mr. Gangadhar Gade is one of the great leader, now a days who developed the same educational tradition in Aurangabad city. Gangadhar Gade has tolerate many problems to get education from his childhood in the odd condition. This same condition should not face by his community, so that with the help of his wife Mrs. Suryakanta Gade and the members of Dalit movement colleagues he founded the educational society name Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti at Aurangabad. In the premises of society there was slum area and there were people of low classess. There were various types of tribes in that slum area. There was a problem of food, shellter and clothes. The whole community was away from education.

There were many reasons that they remain away from education. Among these reasons lack of sense of education facilities and megre earnings. So that, to give education to these down trodden people he founded the same educational institution and he fulfilled his dream.

Dr B.R. Ambedkar said that, "Knowledge is the milk of tigers, who can get it, it becomes a powerful man in the Society." To fight with castism the untouchable must be educate Don't live as a pig. For the cultural development live as a human being. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar said that, "Educate, Organise and Agitate".   According to Mahatma Phule-

Without Education no Brilliancy
Without Brilliancy no Morality
Without Morality no Development
Without Development no Economy
Without Economy no Upliftment, Untouchable
This happened only because of illiterate.

In 1978 Mr. Gangadhar Gade established the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti with the inspiring thoughts of Phule, Shahu and Ambedkar and the facilities of education is made available all over the district & Aurangabad City. He and his colleagues developed the educational institution. He opened many schools, colleges and hostels. In this way the education reached to doors of downtrodden people. He devoted his life for the upllftment of the depressed community. For denied community he opened educational doors in the slum areas.

He expects more things from the students and continuous feels that the students of his educational institution must glorious. The student should high up the name and dignity of his educational institution. He made this institute very famous and started K.G. to P.G. educational faculties with all facilities.

In the beginning there were very few students in the institution, but as the time passed this educational institution became famous and crowded. Mr. Gangadhar Gade said that there is no progress of depressed class without education. The prosperity of any nation is always depends on the progress of depressed class. therefore he is running the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti as a educational institution while running the institution he faced many problems. He himself got the education in Aurangabad while he was taking education there were plenty of problems. But he didn't left the education and he got a new sight. He started the educational movement but some people tried to fail the same movement.

He tightened many problems and turned the institution in a major and wellknown educational institution in Aurangabad.

The special features of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti are as follows :

Dr-Bass Well constructed building with scenic surroundings for study.
Dr-Bass Assembly hall for cultural programme.
Dr-Bass Well equipped science laboratory to develop   the scientific attitude of students.
Dr-Bass Library with all kinds of books.
Dr-Bass Huge playground.
Dr-Bass Trained and qualified teachers to develop the education standard.
Dr-Bass Personal attention towards all round development & education standard of students.
Dr-Bass Free Education.
Dr-Bass Free uniforms every year for poor pupils.
Dr-Bass Free text books for needy students.
Objectives of the Society :
  1. To run pre-primary, primary, secondary, High school. Moreover, to establish, run Junior and Senior colleges of various streams.
  2. To open and run government recognised colleges of art, commerce, science, engineering, medical, D.Ed., B.Ed., D.Phama, B.Pharma, Computer etc.
  3. To open and run libraries.
  4. To give training regarding agricultural technologies. To give training to the farmers about Horticultural and Fertilizers.
  5. To research water resources, to implement water shed Development schemes and for that purpose train rural farmers and arrange work shop.
  6. To run Residential school in hilly area for students belonging to Backward Class and nomadic tribes.
  7. To implement health care scheme for poor and needy persons residing in rural and urban area.
  8. To run hostel for Backward Class students.
  9. To provide all kind of assistance to the school leaving children for completing their education and to provide for their continuous education.
  10. To arrange various sports and games competitions and to develop sports.
  11. To control population, arrange health related seminars to inform the people at large about population. To help the people.
  12. To provide assistance in education of handicapped, blind and needy persons.
  13. To give vision to the student for the development of healthy & geneours new generation.
Vision :
Committed to become a leading "Centre of Excellence" in the field of Educational Technology and Sciences as a "Seat of Learning" with a National Character and International Outlook.
Mission :
The Society is committed to provide quality technical education, research and development services to meet the needs of industry, business, the service sector, and the society at large. The society aims at:
  • Facilitating all round development of students and boost their abilities for service sectors, entrepreneurship, and research.
  • Establishing Centre of Excellence in areas of Educational Technology.
  • providing continuing education opportunities, staff development programmes, thereby creating a dynamic learning environment.
  • Extending need based and academic programmes.
  • Providing community service in relevant areas.
Our Core Values are :
Strength, Endurance, Openness, Effectivity, Focus on Quality, an Efficiency.
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