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Library :
The library contains more than 20,000 books along with quite large reading room for self study, The books include text banks, essential reference books and other general reading books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers and journals also magazins,study book also Library has maps of various nations, globes, educational CDs, audio cassettes, etc. the library facilities are provided by well-trained staff.

Science lab :
The student teacher gets a chance to practice variety of experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology up to the level of senior secondary in the well equipped science lab.

Computer lab :
In today's world, acquaintance with the latest technology and its usage is of prime Importance. So to fulfill these new needs of our student teachers, spacious computer lab, stalked with 20 computer systems supported by the latest software and accessories assures that the prospective teachers will be trained to use it effectively in teaching. The Internet connectivity is meant to help the teachers to utilize variety of audio visual recourses for preparing lessons and for reference work.

Psychology lab :
Psychology lab makes the place to conduct essential experiments in educational psychology. Aided with a variety of psychological tests, it gives the student teachers the first hand knowledge of the link between psychology and human behavior,

Meditation hall :
"The study aims to find out in a scientific way what happens when people are mindully meditating and to correlate those findings with their quality of life and their stress levels."

"In mindfitness and these kind of programs that tech mindfulness, it's important to remain present, non-judgmental, accepting-whatever happens in your mind, you're not holding into it, you're not rejecting it, you let it come and go. You have an attitude of benign observation. But in reality we don't know if people are doing that," Toneatto said. "So the research really can only be valid if we understand more about what happens when people meditate." Meditation is the mean to achive peace of mind, strengthning of goals & inners happiness. For this purpose accomadating more than 100 students.

Educational Technology cum seminar Hall :
This large hall easily accommodates more than so people. Variety of audio visual presentation equipment’s ranging from projectors to TV and DVD player are available for the use of the students, teachers to develop and enhance their skills of presentation.

Large multi-purpose :
Formal gatherings, symposia, seminars, guest lectures,cultural hall group work and some extra curricular activities can be conducted at this very spacious hall, accommodating more than 150 people.
Under the guidance of the competent staff, academic work is conducted by making use of variety of physical amenities. There are 2 well-quipped class-rooms and 3 rooms for subject methods.
The separate store room is equipped with provisions for variety of teaching-learning recourses specially needed for lesson preparation by student teachers.

Other facilities:
Hostel accommodation :
Hostel facility is available for the students of the college.  The well-equipped and fully furnished rooms are available at the college campus.

Banking facility :
For the convenience of the students a branch extension counter of the bank is available for banking services.

Health service :
Health service center is available at college campus of DR.BASS. This provides a full general practitioners services geared to the need of students of the college.

Canteen facilities :
Canteen facility is available to satiate their appetite with nutritious and hygienic food.

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